Details                          Venue

Start:    August 27, 2019                      University of Brasilia

End:      August 30, 2019                      Brazil

Cost:     €150







For students from Brazil:
Graduation student: 25 USD



Master student: 50 USD

Doctorate student: 75 USD

Registration (standard) 150 EUR

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Fusion Hplus Express+

SHN (Setor Hoteleiro Norte) | Quadra 01, Bloco D, Área especial A | Asa Norte, Brasília DF | (61) 3051-7400


Vision Hplus Express+

SHN (Setor Hoteleiro Norte) | Quadra 01, Bloco F, Área especial A | Asa Norte – 70.701-000, Brasília DF | (61) 3022-3200 |


Brasília Palace Hotel

SHTN trecho 01, lote 01, SHCN

Tel: 61 33069000


Saint Moritz Hplus Express

SHN (Setor Hoteleiro Norte) | Quadra 01, Área Especial A, Bloco. B | Asa Norte – 70701-000, Brasília DF | (61) 3051-4001 |




SHN Quadra 04 / bloco B | Asa Norte

CEP: 70704-000

Brasília | DF – Brasil
Fone +55 61 3044-4001

Alternative options for accomodations:
Airbnb - optional accomodations near of Campus Darcy Ribeiro
Brasília - ASA NORTE
Each people can chose the favorite option and pay for PayPal system or Credit Card
Airbnb is a system of Homestay more comfortable than hostels

What we recommend for your accommodation:
Casa de retiros assunção


Brasilia is not a walkable city. Distances are large and there are few pedestrians in the walkways. However, it has a reliable network of taxis and app cars (uber, for example). Public transportation is also reasonable in central areas.


The event will be at the University campus and there is no accommodation nearby (except for private ones like airbnb). There will be a transfer between the main hotel area and the conference venue in the days of the event. Times and itinerary will be defined soon.


In late August Brasilia is often dry (sometimes very dry) and the weather is getting warmer. Temperatures will vary from 15 to 27 degree Celsius - it could be hot in daytime and cooler in the evening. We do recommend to drink a lot of water during your stay in the 12th IWC.

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